Dear Landlord,

                 This is Linda, your previous tenant and I am back to
Hong Kong now.  Please set up some space in your website and let me put comments there.

 The comment is below:

I have found this Sunset Beach Guest House for my pharmacy exam in
Vancouver , BC in Canada. The owner/manager is EXTREMELY NICE TO set up a desktop PC with a beautiful 26 LCD screen loading with Windows XP for an Operating System and Office XP.  Also, there is a dedicated high speed modem in this PC with a smart card reader, CD & DVD RW & TV all for my exclusive use in my room. I HIGHLY APPRECIATE ALL THOSE THINGS HE DO FOR ME ---IT IS A VERY ENJOYABLE TRIP.  His guest room is CLEAN, TIDY AND NEAT WITH PRIVATE BATHROOM.  Also, the location is VERY CLOSE TO BEACH, SHOPPING DISTRICTS AND RESTAURANTS.  I FEEL SAFE to LIVE IN THIS GUEST HOUSE.  AGAIN, THANKS A LOT FOR THE OWNER/MANAGER'S BIG HELP.  THANKS A LOT FOR READING THIS 'GENUINE COMMNETS'.

Have a nice day!!  Again, thanks a lot !!