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The 5 element dragons


A concept I came up with while gaining my degree in Asian Studies and Chinese Medicine.

It is the difference based within the structure of a language that accentuates culture. In that we learn to discover the mind behind a culture, and further our understanding of each other.

 I have always gravitated towards Asian culture. In studying Chinese Medicine I had realized that the Medical model is metaphoric like the language and based on concepts of yin and yang, the 5 elements, characters, pictures and concepts, that when combined imply meaning. For someone of Western mind both phonetic and mathematical, Chinese thinking still remains very much a mystery, and the cultural divide between east and west can be a chasm we all fall into sometimes.

 I had created these 5 pieces, five dragons in hope to place myself in the realm of the conceptual. The ancient principles of the 5 elements, the wisdom of Chinese caligraphy,  and the historical power of dragons, in order to understand my study of the medicine.

Once I completed this project and my degree I began to notice two things. One, that people absolutely love the work, they were fascinated by the ability of the pieces to touch them and to teach them. And bring about greater awareness of a culture and a people.

The second and even more remarkable was a phenomenon that I began to notice in the creation, but disregarded as an artists quirk. However when it was noticed by other people I was amazed, and it was this; that each dragon had a noticeable impact depending on which one was chosen and where it was hung in a place.

 For example when my sister hung the Fire dragon she had noticed her life became more active and sociable in a positive way. However when a friend of mine hung the same dragon her life became noticeably more chaotic and she had a hard time sleeping. This is obviously an excess of fire in her and her life, exaggerated by the presence of the fire dragon. Whereas it was appropriate for my sister to hang the fire dragon being that she lacked fire in someway, so it was a balancing element to her. And for my friend the fire was aggravating her already out of balance fire and so placing the earth dragon with her was tonifying and appropriate.

It is a little bit brash for me to claim such power in my work; however it is evident and also explainable when one looks at the principles of Feng Shui. In Feng Shui the appropriate placement of mirrors and chimes can have a very auspicious effect on ones life.

The five element dragons are simply that;

 An intelligent metaphor governed by the same principles of feng shui to balance ones environment, reflect ones mind and enhance ones life.




                             Sincerely; Brandy Bu  




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Legend of the five Fung Shui Dragons



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